About Capsule Game Feeders

One Fall day, while balancing on the side of a pickup truck, lifting 50 lb. bags of corn overhead, filling feeders, an idea was born. While watching a pack of wild hogs slam into the legs of an old tripod feeder, spilling expensive corn, the idea turned into a mission. Precious time wasted repairing timers and replacing motors from the ravages of raccoons, other varmints and mother nature, turned the mission into a passion.

Now, climbing ladders seems crazy. Building fences around feeders to protect them from hogs is a total waste of money and time, and trying to outsmart a family of raccoons without the Capsule is impossible!

If simple technology solutions are the best, the Capsule feeder is the greatest invention in wildlife feeding technology.



You now have a choice:

You now have a choice: you can spend your money on a cheap feeder, climbing ladders, wasting feed, and trying to outsmart varmints, or you can invest in a quality feeding solution and spend your time and money doing other things.

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